1. I’ve lived in New Zealand for 30 years and I’ve still never eaten fresh artichoke. I have to say, the idea of preparing fresh artichoke at home, or eating it for the first time in public is a bit daunting! Artichoke hearts I can do though. Very easy to work with and no rush to use it quickly either. Your dressing looks delicious. Reminds me a lot of hollandaise actually, especially how you have used it.

    • Thank you so much for the comment, Genie. Fresh artichoke did freak me out. hahahaha
      I hope you try the recipe; I am pretty sure you will like it. Thank you for stopping by 😀

  2. I would definitely like to try this dressing!

    • I am so glad you plan to make it Lori. 😀
      Please let me know how it goes. Thank you for stopping by 😀

  3. Margaret Chavez

    I certainly have to try this recipe. My hubby and I eat an artichoke in the evenings for a light dinner. This dressing will be a nice addition. Thanks Pang!

    • So glad you are going to try this recipe, Margaret. Let me know how it goes 😀

    • Oh yay!!! Thank you..Thank you..Thank you.. 😀

  4. i didn’t have artichoke until i was well into my 20s… and to this day i still don’t know how to prepare it fresh, despite the number of tutorials i’ve seen on youtube. but i do like it, alot.

    • So you know my pain, huh 😀
      And no, I still don’t know how to prepare it either even though I like it 🙂
      We should have a “how to prepare artichoke” party 🙂

  5. This is SO beautiful, Pang! I definitely was baffled by artichokes when I first encountered them too — hahaha. (I’m pretty sure I ate some parts I wasn’t supposed to.) Love this dressing and these stunning photos!

    • Thank you…Thank you…Thank you SO MUCH, Cynthia 🙂
      To tell you the truth, I guess I am STILL eating part of artichoke I am not supposed to.
      So HAPPY you like my photos. yay!!!!! 😀

  6. I love the styling in these shots. Really great colour – you can almost feel the crispness!

    • Thank you SO SO MUCH… it means a lot coming from you as I am an admirer for your blog 🙂

  7. Echo chen

    I’ve never eaten this before。。。

    • Pang

      I hope you try it, Echo 🙂

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