1. SO exciting that you will be spending 2 months in Thailand, Pang! My husband and I traveled there some 15 years ago, and we LOVED the food, the people, the landscapes… I have been wanting to go back to learn how to make authentic Thai food! I am so excited to see your posts while you are there and to learn from you! Have a beautiful trip!

    • Pang

      Wow!!! Really!!! I am so glad you like Thailand enough to want to go back 🙂
      I will try my best to show you “my” kind of Thailand. Thank you so much for being here, Nathalie 🙂

  2. Ahh so exciting that you’re going home!! I totally agree with you re: your parents’ kitchen! Me too — I feel like I can only be a helper in that domain. This pork belly looks absolutely divine — so beautiful and crispy! Have an amazing trip, Pang!!

    • Pang

      Thank you so much, Cynthia. I am so glad you like this post, my fattening kind of food 🙂
      Have a wonderful vacation in Hawaii as well, my lovely friend. I will be following your blog from a different continent for the next 7 weeks 🙂

  3. Ah, I’m sure moving back home is scary, but I have no doubt that you will fall in love all over again once you are there! Perhaps being away from your own domain for a bit will help you appreciate it even more when you return. Either way, I am so excited to hear from you across the world. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

    • Pang

      Thank you SO MUCH, Meghan. I love your positive attitude about that, and I am sure I will love my kitchen even more when I am back. You are so sweet. 🙂

  4. I wish I could put into words the guttural “mmmmmmmmm” that I’m making over this recipe. I mean.. you REALLY took it all the way with this one, Pang! I’m a little mad you didn’t invite me over to taste-test but I’ll get over it…… someday. I understand what you mean about not wanting to cook in someone else’s “domain”, though, but I can’t WAIT to see some of the Thailand shots you capture. And baby nephew!!! How exciting 🙂

    • Pang

      Oh, Cheryl, I would really love for you to be my neighbour; we will have so much fun if that happens. 🙂
      Thank you so much for your sweet & funny comment. I can’t wait to show you “my” kind of Thailand, too 🙂

  5. The pictures are beautiful as always, and now let’s talk seriously…the pork belly oooooooohhhhhh !! Pang this is one of my oh my and wow dishes, can’t deny it 😀 I love it and even now when I’m trying to lose some weight before I go on my holidays-which is next Tuesday by the way, oh wait so it’s not enough time anyway- I would eat it all! This dish looks so crispy and tasty. Good job, xx 🙂

    • Pang

      Thank you so much, my lovely friend. Well, go on your vacation and make it when you are back, how about that? 🙂
      I am so glad you like my kind of food; there is so much I can take for the healthy part, and this is my escape route.
      Have a wonderful holidays. huge hugs 🙂

  6. Sylvia

    Ohhh…I can totally feel Thailand in these GORGEOUS and mouthwatering photos!! Love the banana leaf background (wow, where were you able to buy these in SF?). I totally understand what you mean when you feel awkward in a strange kitchen, I can only cook in mine as well 😉 And it’s a tiny one too, even without dish washer! Wish you a good trip and enjoy the Thai food for me too!! There are so many things (desserts) I miss from over there that you would never find here in the US, like the “kanom shan”, “foi thong”, “kanom tun”, “kanom clock”, etc. (hope you understood my “phonetic” writing…hahha 😉 hugs!

    • Pang

      I have a dish washer, well it’s me; I AM a dish washer… hahaha
      I will definitely eat those dessert for you if that would help; better yet, I will try to get a cookbook for Thai desserts. Those desserts usually don’t have many ingredients, but require some advance skills to successfully make them. Oh boy !!

      Thank you SO MUCH for being here, Sylvia. I really do appreciate your support 🙂

      P.S. You might be able to find banana leaf in your Asian Market as well; mine came frozen 🙂


  7. I travel often , but not enough. Thailand is one of those country I’d love to go. I’m sure sooner or later I’ll be there. In the meanwhile I’ve noted this recipe to get a head start. It looks awesome as usual!

    • Pang

      You are so sweet, Margherita. Thank you so much. I am so glad you are thinking of visiting Thailand, and planning to make this one. huge hugsss 🙂

    • Pang

      Thank youuuuuuuu 😀

  8. can´t wait for all the pics from thailand you will hopefully share 🙂
    and this crispy fried pork belly looks more than delicious!!!

    • Pang

      Of course, I will share with you two. 🙂
      Thank you for your sweet comment. Yay!!!!

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