1. I love recipes with new ingredients, and this one is no exception. I also love your photos.

    • Pang

      Thank you SO MUCH, Hilda. I am so happy you like the post. xoxo

  2. I love your pictures and I am totally with you on the using rare or strange ingredients. We wouldn’t have any kind of experimenting otherwise, right?
    This cocktail sounds so refreshing! Beautiful…

    • Pang

      I am SO HAPPY you are with me on the rare ingredients, Rakhee 🙂
      Thank you so much for your kind comment, lady. xoxo

  3. I love that you use rare ingredients as it feels like I’m being educated about other food. These look a bit like a green version of rose hip.

    The pictures are lovely too.

    • Pang

      Thank you..Thank you..Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Angela. You are so sweet. xoxo

  4. This looks absolutely delightful Pang! Pinned!! I am now going to go on the hunt for feijoas! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Your photos are beautiful as always!! ps. I love Ethiopian food….

    • Pang

      Your wonderful comment meant so much, Jackie. Thank youuuuuuuu. You are so sweet. xoxo

  5. Stunning, stunning photos Pang! How beautiful this drinks looks. I have never heard of feijoa but anything that tastes like pineapple, apple and mint is definitely worth tracking down! <3 x

    • Pang

      Please grab tons of feijoa when you see them in your market, Louise. They are so much fun to play with. 🙂
      Thank you SO MUCH for your kind comment, lady. I am so happy to hear you like the photos.

  6. What a beautiful cocktail! It makes me want to hunt down feijoa over here. Experimenting with new ingredients and playing around with flavours is perhaps the most exciting part of what we do. It’s wonderful to discover new treasures in your blog each time. Keep them coming!

    • Pang

      Thank you..Thank you..Thank you SOOOO MUCH, Sonali. You always make my day, and I agree wit you wholeheartedly. xoxo

  7. Well, you said it all in a first few lines. As I scrolled trough my fb timeline, I saw this cocktail photo and thought: What the heck is that green stuff in Pang’s glass?! Now I know, and if I ever find it, I’ll buy it and make this lovely drink 😉

    • Pang

      Hope you find this fun ingredient soon, Jasmin. They are so much fun to play with.

  8. How did I miss this beautiful post?! I love that you use hard to find ingredients! There are enough blogs using normal ingredients! Your posts are very inspiring and fresh! Keep it up Pang!!! xO

    • Pang

      I love that we are one another’s biggest fan. Thank you SO MUCH for your support & love, Steph. xoxo

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