1. No. . . .. . . . Say it isn’t so. My sweet Pang. . .why are you leaving us? We need our regular dose of Pang. Fortunately there is Instagram but still sad (but completely understand. . . believe me as I’m not exactly regularly present on my little blog) that you are taking some time off. P.S. I really love the girlie side of you.

    • Pang

      Not for long, I promise. I just need a little time to stir up my creative side. Once settled, I will rush back ‘here’ to see you. I’ll miss you, too, Lynn. xoxo

  2. Girlie or otherwise, I’m ready for anything you offer Pang. I so agree with Lynn, about our regular doses of inspiration. Don’t leave us for too long..

    • Pang

      I’m glad I could be an inspiration to you, Ratna. That’s a big compliment that I would love to keep on doing. Thank you for your sweet words, Ratna. xoxo

  3. Ann

    Why life is like this…..when I have a chance to visit you blog you closed it on me :(( Always love seeing all your fantastic photos and reading all your fun stories. I like your girly set and definitely your girly side!! The pinky/red/purple and the lighting….nice photos as always. I’m not sure if I can still check on your previous posts but I’ll try to check on them. Hope to not interrupting your renovation. Right here waiting for your new shiny version 😀 Must be fun and cool!! Miss ja

    • Pang

      Miss you ja, Ann. I hope to see you back soon. xoxo

  4. I love everything you do but I understand needing to re-evaluate. Instagram will have to hold me over until you’re back!

  5. I love how whimsical these photos are! I think it’s so cool how you can pull of so many different styles! I’m looking forward to your return! xO

  6. Oh no where are you off to Pang? You can be creative and keep sharing with us. Please don’t disappear! But I love Instagram and will be on the lookout for your beautiful posts. Now coming to these images, they are SPECTACULAR! Your girly side is my entire being. You do know my fascination with pink, purple and red. So I am LOVING every bit of this:-)

  7. Pang, please don’t be gone for too long! 🙁 I just love your posts, your beautiful photography is such as inspiration. I do understand, it is so difficult to continually feel creative, especially if there are other things going on in your life. I hope to see you again very soon 🙂 <3 xx

  8. Wait! Where are you going? Hope all is well. Whatever it is I wish all the best.
    Meanwhile, I think these photos are so so beautiful. Girly or not they have your name/style written all over them.
    I’ll be following you on social media my friend. Come back soon. <3

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