1. Your photography is stunning as always! Thailand is on my bucket list because Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines! Totally living vicariously right now.

    • Pang

      I surely hope you get to Thailand soon, Kitty. So glad my country is on your bucket list. 🙂
      Let me know if you need any suggestion.

  2. Oh Pang how I love this post! The photos are spectacular!!! It brought me right back and has me wanting to go again! Honestly, Thailand is one of my most favorite places I have travel to. Not only is it beautiful and the food is to die for but the people are the nicest people you will meet!!! That includes you too of course! xO

    • Pang

      Awww.. Thanks, Steph. I’m glad you think we are nice. hahaha

  3. Oh, I would like to travel to Thailand right now. The pictures show the variety of street food available. The vendors too, totally devoted. When you say the open air markets are hard to find in the cities, which are the places to visit then?

    • Pang

      You are pressed with time, ‘Chatuchak Market’ in Bangkok is a good place to visit on the weekend. This type of market can be found anywhere, Ratna, but if you want recommendations that located closed to the city, here is the list..
      – Samchuk Market in Suphan Buri
      – Amphawa Floating Market
      – Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market
      – Maeklong Railway Market

      Hope you get there soon. Let me know if you need any help, yes? 🙂

  4. Have you ever tried contacting tourism Thailand and sharing these photos with them? You should Pang! They should put them up in their catalogues. Such amazing photos! They would make every traveler want to visit Thailand.

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