1. I love, love, LOVE this post!!! This just does something to my soul, maybe because I worked at a vineyard for 4 years or maybe because I love wine or maybe because these photos are amazing and capture the mood perfectly! I love imagining you on the ground getting your perfect shot, so fun! xO

    • Pang

      I’m SO GLAD that you can relate, Steph. You are so sweet, and I truly appreciate your kind words very much.

  2. Your pictures are absolutely STUNNING!! Growing up here in Northern California, wine, grapes, and vineyards are near and dear to my heart. You captured something more than just images in this post. You captured emotion. Beautiful..

    • Pang

      I’m truly ecstatic from your kind comment, Todd. It means SO MUCH, and it makes my day (no, actually, it makes my week.)
      Thank you SO SO MUCH for being here, and for your wonderful comment.

  3. Such beautiful shots, Pang. It tells a story and that is what appeals to me. I can see how you had a fun filled day!

    • Pang

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Ratna 🙂
      I’m SO HAPPY you like the post.

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