1. I am in love with your Badass sauce. The tamarind sauce that you talk about in your ingredient, is it the pulp or any brand of store bought sauce? Thanks for the brilliant photographs.

    • Pang

      Hi Ratna… Thank you so much for such kind words. You are so sweet, and yes I think that sauce is badass, too. The chutney I used I bought from Indian market; Khatti Meethi Chutneys. Is that help? Any tamarind liquid is good, too. 🙂
      Hope you make it.

  2. I think you are a badass photographer!! I love how different all your photos and styling are! I’m so cerious about this sauce, it looks so dang good!! xO

    • Pang

      I wish you could make it as per my recipe because I think you will like it so much more. However, since you, my friend, is a vegetarian, you can omit anchovy and use soy sauce instead of fish sauce. I’m thinking you can even use miso paste in place of anchovy, but you may need to experiment the quantity a bit.
      Thank you so much for such kind words, Steph. A “badass photographer” sounds really good on my business card, don’t you think?

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