1. So good to hear from you, Pang, and to see the utterly breath-taking, fine art images you have produced by having the time and space to create them. I wish I was brave enough to stop at least one of my social media spaces as I really could personally do without them; I only started on Facebook after starting my blog 7 years ago. Unfortunately, most of the brands I work with expect “influencers” to spread their brand through our social channels: no presence, no work. But I somewhat resent the time I spend on them and rarely scroll them for “news” or updates. Back to your images though: totally mesmerising. The capturing of movement is exquisite

    • Pang

      Thank you so much for such kind words, Kellie. You are always so sweet & supportive, and I truly appreciate your comment very much.

      By the way, I totally understand the necessity of keeping all social media panels as an influencers; they are related to the work you do, and you surely need to keep all. 🙂

  2. I’m kind of at that moment right now and I feel stuck with what I want to do. I know I just have to make a decision and go for it but making those first steps are so hard. I’m so happy you’ve found joy and fulfillment through your choices and your photography is out of this world good! I hate Facebook but I still feel it’s necessary. Maybe someday I’ll get the courage to delete it too.

    • Pang

      Thank you so much for your sweet words about my photo, Meg. I’m really glad you them. Yay!!!!! 🙂

      It usually takes me a long time, too, to take ‘the first step’ for every major decision I make. You are entitled to take as much time as you want before “leaping.” 🙂

  3. Ann

    I am kinda speechless that you deleted your FB account, but I totally agreed with you that you will have more time enjoying whatever you love to do outside of FB – a lot more time. I am the one who has lots of lots of things I love and really wanna do, but so little time to do them. I hope quitting FB will bring you more great things, great ideas, and so many things for your to explore. Keep on moving and showing the world more beautiful pieces of art na Pang.

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