About Me + CircaHappy...

About Me + CircaHappy…

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Hi there, (Sa-wad-dee ka)

My name is Paritha Wannawanit, but you can call me by my nickname, Pang. I am a self-contained food photographer & founder of this blog. Though I am from Bangkok, Thailand, I am currently living in San Francisco, CA. I know you can guess my heritage from my long last name, right? 🙂

I love to play with color contrasts and am inclined toward a “messy” photographic style. My works have been published in Saveur & Wine Enthusiast Magazine. My photos also won 3rd place and ‘highly commended’ in Food Bloggers category from ‘Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year’ in 2016

I am a photographer first and a blogger second; I am blogging solely to build up my portfolio and to feed my curiosity; that said, I still hope you enjoy the post just as much. And because I don’t post regularly, I hope you choose to subscribe to the blog via email, Facebook, g+, instagram, flickr or pinterest. You can also contact me if you have any question. However, if you have any question regarding my camera and lenses, you most likely will find your answer on this page.    

Please note that All images are copyright protected. Please do NOT use ANY OF MY IMAGES without prior permission. If you are interested in buying/licensing my works, click here for more info. 

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Paritha Wannawanit OR you can call me, Pang 🙂