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All images on this blog are copyright protected. Please do NOT use ANY OF MY IMAGES without prior permission. 

If you want to use any of my recipe, please kindly use ‘link back’ to the original post for the recipe.I would really appreciate it if you do not republish my recipe word for word, in English or in any other language, on your site. Thank you so much.

LinkWithLove said it best about this topic.

Thank you so much.


If you are interested in learning more about Copyright Law for photographer and how to protect your intellectual property, here are valuable information you should check out. (go to the site & search for the topic)

  • CreativeLive: what every photographer needs to know about intellectual property by Rachel Rodgers. click here.
  • “Photography and The Law: Understanding Copyright” from
  • “Photography and The Law: Photographers’ Rights and Releases” from

Truth be told, these lessons are not free, though they are very VERY cheap, very organised and very informative. I could have told you all about them, but then I would definitely become an infringer myself. If you are, like me, just starting out on this business and especially, have had your photos stolen, you should definitely check those lessons out.

Note: This post is NOT sponsored by anyone. I am just sharing information I find it useful.

Note: I will keep adding more information once I learn more.


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